3 poems from the adult poetry book fuck utah on sale

3 poems from the adult poetry book fuck utah on sale for 99 cent on kindle and 8 dollar for paperback


I like your honesty
I like the way that you laugh
I like your dimples
I like your big round ass

I like your freckles
I like that you’re kind
I like your pink hair
I like that you’re mine

I like your hands
I like the way that you dance for me
I like your feet
I like your Marilyn Mans CD

I like how you like it rough
I like how you’re brave
I love the way that you fuck,
I love you babe



As he was walking to give his girlfriend a present,
I come up from behind him
and snatch the box out of his sweaty little hands
“What’s this?”
“It’s nothing.”
“Ooo, a necklace.”
“Come on, give it back.”

I grab his neck
And rip it out
from between his head and his shoulders
Now he’s a necklace too
Neckless, to be precise
I smash his head on the asphalt like a pumpkin
And throw his body over somebody’s fence

Then I stroll to his girlfriend’s house
(My ex-girlfriend’s)
She’ll have two presents now
I put the necklace ‘round his neck
and leave ‘em on her doorstep
Then ring the doorbell
and run



“Wake up”
Cop taps me on the shoulder
’N’ says
“Get movin’”
I don’t know where I’m at, or what I’m doin’

But I get movin’

Stumble into Cardboard City Brothel
Got kicked out
So I made that city topple
Two graybeards gave chase

I made it to the park
For the most part unscathed
Pretty sure I lost ‘em
Barefoot I’m walkin’ on
these grass blades

Sure feels better than concrete

Tumble over
two lovebirds on bed sheet

Well, well, what do we have here? I say,
grabbing the half-empty bottle of red drink

The girl says oh my God, the guy says what do you want?
Then I grab the knife and the cheese. They tell me to stop
And I kick the guy in the balls and he

Then I grab the meat and their small dog
And leave them both slack-jawed

I scamper off, singing the song “Fuck Utah”
I run until it’s safe to walk
Make it to the dock
Take out my cock
And watch my orange-yellow pee stream into the sea
I’ve been holding it for so long, what a relief

Forgot about the puppy, he lets out a squeak
I decide to call him Roger
Hey buddy, now it’s just you and me
I grab the knife
And I cut him up
A treat

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california (pome)


he asked me wut year i thought his truck was

i told him 666

and he smiled

we drove around n he told me that it’s coming

another big one

every hundred years

he told me that all these houses we see here

will crumble to pieces

and i laughed

and he looked at me

and winked

and it was silent the rest of the way

fucking birds

fucking birds

a little sad cuz my cat died
it always protected me from the birds and other pests
in the back of my car
sunroof open a few inches for fresh air
trying to get some sleep
when I hear a flutter
I open my eyes
and there’s this little bird flying over me
what the hell
then white stuff drops out of its butt
into my right eye
and it stings
muther fucker
I try to grab the bird
but it flies out the sunroof
fucking birds!!
I grab a water bottle
and step out of my car
to wash my eye out
I hear more birds
tweettweettweettweetwtweetwtewtwtet twtetttewwewweeetwtwteweteett
I look around
unsure where they are

can’t see very well
then I feel it
on my head
on my arms
all over me

you fucking birds!!!!!!!

(poem from the book the bleach boys 2)

[ Untitled 2016-10-24 ]

[ Untitled 2016-10-24 ]

break the plums over face
i just don’t care anymore
what a gay day
snakes everywhere
stupid snakes
they donno anything

the sky is a
i donno
something i’ll come back to later

my wings are too much like arms
it’s not fair

i go down the waterslide
headfirst, on my back

the lifeguard yells at me

she dives headfirst after me
she grabs me
i flip her off

i am kicked out
and told never to come back

i walk up a hill
there is a couple drinking
in a blanket

they both say hello

i hiss at them

now it’s just me on this hill
looking down on this city

i run and jump off the steep side

try to fly again

(poem from the book the bleach boys 2)

under the bridge

under the bridge

we didn’t pull enough drugs to all get high this time

so everyone is on edge

keith pulls on gerald’s ponytail

gerald says ‘stop pit’ pushing keith off

‘fight me to the death’ keith says

‘no’ says gerald ‘stoppit’

keith pulls a knife and says ‘let’s go’

gerald says ‘no, i won’t fight you’

keith says ‘well then you’ll die a coward’

that’s when i step in

‘i’ll fight’

keith says ‘no, i want to fight gerald’

i pull my knife

‘well, it looks like you’re going to fight me’

keith sighs, then lunges at me with his knife

i dodge easily and stab him in the side

keith screams, falls, rolls in agony,

blood squirting around

i kick the knife out of his hand

‘finish it, gerald’ i say

‘but i don’t want to’ he says

‘do it’ i say

‘fine’ says gerald

and he stabs keith in the throat several times

keith dies

then i kill gerald because i see that he can’t be trusted

and get high

(poem from the book the bleach boys)

deon’s depressed again, waaaaaa (dark poem)

deon’s depressed again, waaaaaa 

he agreed to go last week

but now he moans on the couch

won’t move

only his mouth:

“I can’t go to the party” he says

“I am depressed”

“so depressed”

“I am at rock bottom”

I grab him


I press Deon into the stained carpet

with all of my weight on top of him

“stop” he cries

Waaaaa, my name is Deon, waaaaa

I shove his face into the stain

I’ll show you what depression looks like

You little bitch

I force him to lick the stain, to make out with the stain

I’ll show you what a rock bottom looks like

You faggot

I drag him outside

“no” he cries

I force off his pants


I grab a handful of rocks

and shove them up his bottom

Don’t ever cancel on me

With this bullshit excuse again

You pussy-faggot-bitch!

he looks at me with eyes real big and watery

says ‘no’ one more time real softly

then he passes out

then I leave to go to the party

(poem from the book the bleach boys 2)

quick rest (dark poem)

quick rest 

Sitting outside a 24/7 Walmart

Late at night

Resting my legs

Some girls pass

One looks at me, makes a face and nudges her friend

‘Eww look’ she says

Her friend looks at me,

And makes a face and they rush in

A few minutes later they come back out and hurry past me

But my legs are rested now

Oh boy, are they ever

(poem from the book the bleach boys 2)



go to sleep in back of car
in walmart parking lot
wake up
get 1 dollar large coffee from mcdonald’s
what a deal
then I read
until 9
then drive to gym
to take shower
brush teeth

then somebody comes bursting through the curtain
with a hard on
aw, timmy
not again
I tell him
timmy, that was a one time thing
I’m not gay

he shakes his head, says
you’ve said that everyday
for the last 30 days

(poem from the book bleach boys 2)



flyin aroun’ my head

they keep dive bombin’ me
peckin’ n clawin’

but i kick em
punch em off

not yet

i’m still alive
you silly fucks




(poem from the book The Bleach Boys 2 )



i drive off road

until i come across a flat wasteland

hundred degrees in AZ

no water

on E

no phone

there’s no going back

i smile

this’ll do

no humans in sight

i finger the barrel of my gun . . .

i start to have second thoughts

then i see a bird in the distance

a big colorful one

what the fuck is that

i aim my gun at it

i look through the scope

i think it’s a toucan

what the fuck is a toucan doing in Arizona

it sees me

and starts flying towards me

it must have escaped captivity

maybe a zoo, maybe a person’s house

it’s making distressed croaking noises

it flies down to me and sits on my shoulder

it’s all fucked up looking

like me

it rubs its beak on my cheek

aw you poor thing

i pet it

it cries

i cry

it’s OK

i’ll help you big guy

it’s alright

i’ll help you



(poem from the book The Bleach Boys 2)